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Transaction process for Buying


Property Search  Browse through our informative website and search for the property that matches your requirements.
Then submit a request form online or call us on 02-2041726, our agents will assist you to narrow down
the list of properties that really match your criteria. 


Property Viewing  Our agent will arrange appointment for property viewing at your most suitable time. 


Place an offer  In case that you find the property you would like to place an offer, we will propose your offer to the seller
on your behalf. 


Selling and Buying Transaction  After the seller has accepted your offer, the contract will be outlined, sighted and signed by both parties. The contract specifies the detail such as the property’s address, fixtures and fittings, communal charges,
sinking funds, settlement date and property taxes which are as follows:

4.1) Transfer Fees on Registration = 2% of the Government Appraised Price
4.2) Withholding Income Tax = 1-2% of the Government Appraised Price which varies according
to the number of years of ownership
4.3) Specific Business Tax = 3.3% of the higher price between the Government Appraised Price
and the actual Selling Price
4.4) Stamp and Duties = 0.5% of the higher price between the Government Appraised Price
and the actual Selling Price. This fee is only payable if Specific Business Tax is not applicable.
However, this may not be applicable in the case that the owner holds the property for more
than 5 years or 1 year with name appears in the Household Registration Certificate 

At this stage, the non-refundable deposit of 10% is required. This deposit will act as a part payment of
the agreed purchase price.


Settlement Date  All parties including seller, buyer and our agent will meet at the Land Department for ownership transfer and
settle necessary property taxes. The remaining balance of 90% of the selling price must be paid to the seller.

Lastly, you will receive a property ownership certificate (Title Deed) indicating your ownership to the property. 

Transaction process for Rent
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